Almancil-algarve – Copy

Almancil is located on the N125, between the beautiful historic towns of Faro and Loule .It has a world church, the São Lourenço church, and in the original village are many nice little restaurants. You will also find beautiful natural landscapes and historic farms here. The 8 golf courses in Almancil attract wealthy guests from all over the world.


Tavira: A Timeless Gem in Eastern Algarve

Tavira: Tavira, a picturesque gem in the eastern Algarve, exudes historical charm with its river, Roman stone bridges crisscrossing the town, and ancient churches gracing the skyline. This city, steeped in history, breathes a timeless atmosphere. It’s a dream for culture enthusiasts who want to wander through narrow cobblestone streets and discover the rich heritage of the Algarve.


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