Frequently asked questions

Q: Which restaurants can be seen on Hotspots Algarve?

A: Unlike other sites, we personally visit all of the restaurants listed on the site. We test the food, the service, the atmosphere and see if the value for money is right. Only when a restaurant “succeeds” for this, it will be included on our website.


Q: I know a very good restaurant, which is not yet on Hotspots. What can I do?

A: Notify us via this link which restaurant you mean. We then investigate, and if the restaurant meets our requirements, we will add it to the site.


Q: Can I give my own opinion about restaurants?

A: Yes, you can. We are very curious about your opinion! Click on this link and follow the instructions. Thanks in advance!


Q: I would like to give my opinion about Hotspots. Is that possible?

A: We are very curious about your opinion! About what we do well, and what can be improved. Click here to write a testimonial. 

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